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What is Family Learning?

At Cardinal Hume Catholic School we place a high value on developing a positive working partnership with parents and pupils. To support this partnership we run an extensive programme of Family Learning sessions to give parents a greater insight into what their children learn in school, and how they learn. These one hour sessions will give you an opportunity to meet some of our staff,  and to work with your child in a supportive and relaxed environment.

Comments from parents and children:

“The family learning is a great help to parents in the educational development of their children. Very impressed with the Accelerated Reading  programme.” -Parent

“It helps boost my education ... it tells my Mum what I am doing at school.” - Yr7 pupil

“I enjoyed family learning because it is fun.” - Sibling of Yr7 pupil - Age 8

We look forward to welcoming you to one or more of our Family Learning  programmes.  We are sure that you will find it interesting, fun and informative.

Cardinal Hume Family Learning Forthcoming Events and Courses

For information or to book a place on any of our Family Learning events, contact our school reception on 0191 4877638 or email Mrs M Richardson More detailed information will usually be available closer to the event.

NUFC football (KS2/3)In addition to the following courses will be introduced during the year – further details to follow.

  • Family Wellbeing with Sally
  • MFL (KS3)
  • How to improve your handwriting (KS4)
  • Transition ‘taster’ sessions Eng /Maths Y6

For CHCS Family Learning events please contact school reception to book your places, using the information on the course flyer.

In addition, please complete a FL Enrolment form. This enables Gateshead FL team to draw down funds from the government, which support the work that they do with us.

The form must be completed by an adult.

After 24 hours your enrolment should be activated, and you can search for the specific course title to ensure you are on the course register.

Family Science Workshop parental feedback

Our first Family Learning event was a great success, with fabulous reviews from parents and children.  We asked families to tell us their thoughts…

 “What impact do you think these sessions will have on work / activities at home?”

Parents responded:

‘It’s interesting to do the practical sessions to prove the science theory’
‘I feel the sessions will help parents and students to become used to the school and teachers’
‘We’ll know how to treat bee or wasp stings.’
‘I would like to spend more time with my daughter at home, doing experiments.’

Children responded:

‘It made me look forward to Cardinal Hume in a few months.’
‘It was so interesting and I loved it. I want to try more sessions at home.’
‘Excited and more ready for SATs.

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