Our Mission


Welcome to our mission website. Our school mission this year is the theme of Unbroken

  • What does Unbroken mean to you?

  • If your friend is sad, how do you cheer them up?

  • How would the world be transformed?

  • One word to describe you

  • Which philosophy do you connect with the most?

  • Favourite deam holiday

  • Which song best describes you?

  • What is your favourite vegetable?

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

  • Favourite form of transport?

  • What celebrity are you most like?

  • Our Introductory Video

    Learn more about us, its only 30mins

    Latest News


    Here you can see what our team have worked on, building up to our mission

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    The Mission Team


    Welcome to our mission team. Here you can meet the team wokring together on our school mission

    Grace Pinder

    Year 11 Student

    Jack Ewart

    Year 11 Student

    Loisa Graham

    Year 11 Student

    Jacob Norman

    Year 11 Student