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Letter from Mr B. Robson on the staggered reopening of the school in September

Dear Parents and Carers,


As we enter the final week of what has been a very unusual and challenging year, I would like to thank you for support of the school and the work you have done to help your children with home learning.

In the final week of term, you will receive resources to keep the young people engaged over the summer. There will be work for each subject and access to the learning portal will remain open so that all pupils can continue with the work they have been doing. There will also be a number of extra-curricular opportunities on offer to keep them actively engaged.

I am delighted to announce that the school is planning to reopen to all students in September. As I am sure you will understand, to enable us to reopen we have put in place several measures to mitigate against Covid-19. A copy of the school’s risk assessment will be published before the end of term.

To ensure all pupils are fully aware of the new systems in place in school and to dedicate time to pastoral care, it is necessary to stagger the reopening gradually in the first days of the new term. Please see the timetable below which outlines when each year group is required to attend school from 3rd September:


Date Arrangements
Monday 31st August Public Holiday
Tuesday 1st September INSET
Wednesday 2nd September INSET
Thursday 3rd September Year 7 Transition and Induction


Year 10 Transition and Reintroduction


Year 12 Transition and Induction


Year 7 and 10 will receive activities to complete at home on Friday 4th September.

Year 12 will be provided with induction and bridging work to complete before 10th September.

Friday 4th September Year 8 Reintroduction


Year 9 Reintroduction


Year 11 Reintroduction


Monday 7th September Years 7-11 Curriculum Timetable Commences


Tuesday 8th  September Years 7-11 follow Curriculum Timetable


Year 13 Reintroduction


Wednesday 9th September Years 7-11 and 13 follow Curriculum Timetable


From Thursday 10th September All Year Groups

Curriculum Timetable

*School day start and end times may need to be adjusted for some groups.

In line with Government guidance and advice from Public Health England, personal protective equipment (PPE) use in school will only be occasionally necessary, for example if a safe distance cannot be maintained from any child, young person or other learner displaying coronavirus symptoms.

We are encouraging pupils to avoid the use of scholars’ services and other public transport whenever possible. There will be limitations on the number of people allowed on services by bus companies. A parent survey will be issued soon to allow us to gather information in relation to school transport.

We do not intend to make any further changes to our uniform and equipment expectations. We expect the students to resume their usual high standards of organisation, dress and hair style.

Enhanced cleaning and increased hand sanitising will be in place in school from September. However, students are welcome to bring to school their own hand sanitiser and surface wipes if they wish, and will be permitted to use them at certain points in the school day.

This plan may change, in line with any further government guidance, so I would like to thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and ongoing support of the school.

Yours faithfully

Mr. B. Robson

Acting Head Teacher



Letter from Mr B.Robson on Summer Examination Results and Sixth Form Registration

Dear Parents and Carers

Information about Summer Examination Results 2020 and Sixth Form Registration

As you aware, the government announced in March the cancellation of the summer examination series.  However, students will still receive grades based on all the evidence available.  These grades will have the same standing as grades awarded in normal circumstances and will be accepted by employers, apprenticeship providers, universities and colleges to allow students to progress to the next stage of education or employment.

We have completed the process of submitting evidence to Examination Boards to ensure that full recognition is given to the learning and achievements of our students.  Examination Boards will decide the grades to be awarded by looking at the evidence provided by schools and by making adjustments to ensure all students are treated equally and that standards are maintained over time.  Results and advice will be available in school as follows:

Thursday 13th August – results available for A level and Advanced Vocational courses

Friday 14th August – Support with university applications and post -18 progression

Thursday 20th August – results available for GCSE and Year 11 Vocational courses

Friday 21st August – Sixth Form registration

It is anticipated that social distancing will still be in place, so an appointments system will operate for these 4 days.  Further information will follow on appointment times.

Any results not collected on results days will be sent by email to the student school email address.

Appeals and Queries

Please note under the regulations laid down by Ofqual, the Examinations Regulator, the process of submission of evidence by schools to examination boards is confidential.  Also, as no examination papers have been completed, there will be no process for requesting remarks.  There will, however, be a process to request an administrative check.  We will identify any results, if any, where this process is justified and make this request on behalf of our students, seeking consent where necessary.  Any other queries should be directed to exams@cardinalhume.com  after results have been received.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your patience and support in these uncertain times.  We are proud of our students’ hard work and look forward to the Results Days as an opportunity to celebrate their achievements.


Yours faithfully

Mr B. Robson

Acting Headteacher

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