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The Government believes that Pupil Premium, (funding in addition to main school funding) is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and their peers. The funding helps to tackle those inequalities of the pupils who need it most.

The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011 and is allocated to Cardinal Hume School to work with pupils who have either been registered for free school meals at any point within the last six years, children who have been on Gateshead Local Authority’s looked after children register (and have been registered continuously for more than six months), and children of service personnel. As an example, Cardinal Hume School consistently has over 171 pupils in receipt of Free School Meals at any one time. The ‘Ever 6’ figure is 23%%.

Achievements and Performance

Pupils receiving pupil premium achieve extremely well at Cardinal Hume. In 2015-16 the cohort of disadvantaged students had a lower than NA KS2 Average Point Score, but by the end of Year 11 far exceeded national averages in English and Mathematics, even when compared to all pupils. The Progress 8 estimate is promising, with our FSM pupils making positive progress when compared to all pupils nationally.

GCSE           All pupils 2016 FSM 2016
C+ in Maths 82% 78%
C+ in English 93% 97%
C+ in Maths and English 81% 76%
Estimated Progress +0.24 +0.18 (compared to all pupils)
KS2 APS 27.4 26.1
Average GCSE Grade C+ C

Use of Pupil Premium in 2015-16 

In the school academic year 2015-16, Cardinal Hume Catholic School received £287,746 in Pupil Premium. Since converting to Academy status on 1st February 2012, we have received our funding on a quarterly basis. As a current example, there are consistently around 171 pupils in receipt of Free School Meals.

The intervention strategies of the school supported the use of Pupil Premium funding, which allowed our children to benefit from the following:

  • 1-2-1 home tuition in English and Mathematics
  • The teaching of some students in smaller sized classes
  • Case studies carried out focusing on pupil achievement (overall and in specific groups)
  • Provision of an integrated and targeted programme of one-to-one support
  • Mentoring selected students by Senior Leadership Team
  • Scrutiny of work, focusing on quality of classroom outcomes
  • Family Learning opportunities targeted at disadvantaged pupils
  • Coursework completion/study support. Children are identified if they start falling behind and are collected by their classroom at the end of the day for compulsory homework sessions
  • Day and weekend trips away for Maths/English support
  • Social worker/counsellor
  • Summer School
  • Pre-Examination additional study programmes
  • Key Stage 4 Holiday Study Programmes in all school holidays
  • Breakfast clubs
  • Subsidised music lessons
  • ‘Access for all fund’ Subsidies for trips
  • Enrichment beyond the curriculum, such as subsidised outdoor adventure activities
  • Provision of revision materials for disadvantaged pupils
  • Appointment of Closing the Gap Co-Ordinator to oversee the provision for disadvantaged pupils
  • Residential experiences, such as retreats and field trips
  • Dedicated Education Welfare Officer now employed by the school to work solely with the pupils and families of Cardinal Hume School.
  • Provision of Academic Mentors

Financial support for pupils in need:

The Catholic ethos of Cardinal Hume School ensures we support our pupils in whatever way we can. Pupil Premium funds have also been used to subsidise uniform expense, extra-curricular visits and all inclusive events where pupils suffering from particular financial hardship would not be able to participate. We ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate fully in school life.

Broadening opportunities:

All pupils are encouraged and given opportunities to achieve outside the classroom as well as in the taught curriculum. Pupil premium funds have allowed the school to subsidise a range of opportunities for outward bound, residential and overseas visits. Specific examples of those opportunities are the Year 8 Diocesan residential enrichment event, opportunities to attend the school trip to Barcelona, ski trip to Austria and Duke of Edinburgh outward bound programme to be specific. The aim of these visits has been to provide enriching experiences for students and broadening their aspirations for the future.

Use of Pupil Premium in 2016-17 

The Proposed Pupil Premium funding for Cardinal Hume School in the academic year 2016-17 is £289,000. Whilst continuing with all of the above, we have also now also been able to provide the following:

Provision 2016-17 Approx cost Support for Learners
Maths, English and Science Tutors £28,000 Department tutors provide one to one support to pupils who are struggling, either in school or out in pupils homes.
Subsidised Music Lessons £11,000 Ensures pupils are not prevented from receiving instrumental instruction because of cost
Teaching Assistants £54,000 Deployed in many different ways to support our children who may need one to one support to achieve their potential
Academic Mentors £10,400 4 Pastoral Mentors offering direct link to students with pastoral and education support
Family Learning £3,000 Evening sessions working in partnership with students, parents and carers
Closing the Gap Co-Ordinator £6,450 Pupil Premium Co-ordinator Post
Academic Mentoring by SLT £16,000 Detailed Monitoring and Links with identified pupils to Increase achievement
Holiday Study Sessions £4,000 Additional teaching to support attainment especially pre exam lessons
Literacy Reading Package £5,500 Accelerated Reader Package
Pastoral Assistant £24,000 Provides support for our Heads of House, a complex role supporting students with problems at home or in school to achieve success.
SEN Co-ordinator £50,500 Provides support to pupils and their families. Some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils fit into this category.
Education Welfare Officer £41,500 Our school has employed a dedicated EWO to assist

vulnerable pupils and those with particular attendance issues to raise attainment and encourage participation across the school. EWO works closely with the Attendance Officer to investigate trends and issues arising.

School Counsellor £23,500 Invaluable support provided to those pupils in need and their families.
School Visits, Uniform and Equipment £12,000 Financial support to pupils to fulfil curriculum needs by attending school courses and visits. We also buy uniform and equipment to support disadvantaged pupils.
TOTAL £289850

The above list of spending is not exhaustive. As a school we strive to ensure the wellbeing of all our pupils, therefore we have funded the hardship cases and enrichment opportunities mentioned earlier, in addition to the provision listed in the above table. This outweighs the Pupil Premium funding received.

Measuring the impact of Pupil Premium spending

School leaders carry out an extensive analysis of the academic outcomes of pupils in receipt of the funding to determine impact:

  • Analysis of school results against national measures and against pupils not in receipt of Pupil Premium
  • Departmental Results Analysis, with a specific focus on gaps in achievement between those in, and not in, receipt of the Pupil Premium
  • Evaluation of the school’s Raise Report and Data Dashboard, identifying key patterns in relation to progress, attainment, attendance, persistent absence and exclusions.
  • Evaluation of in school behaviour, attendance, punctuality and effort data.
Finding are clearly addressed in the following processes: School Self-Evaluation, Middle Leader Self-Evaluations, School Improvement Plan, Departmental Improvement Plans. These processes are assessed for impact at key points throughout each academic year.